May 19, 2020

My cell phone gives me a weekly report about my use. This report tells me how many hours and minutes I used my phone when compared to what I used the prior week. I find this report quite interesting. Generally speaking, I have this feeling that I should be spending less time on my phone. But under our current circumstances, I use my phone to call people I can’t visit.

What if God sent me a report each week giving me the amount of time I spent in prayer with him this week as compared with last week? What would that report look like? The implication in this report is that I should have spent more time talking with Him than I did.

But communication is not just with words or on my knees or with my eyes closed. Sometimes I pray while doing. I actually talk out loud while I’m in the car alone. Hearing what I say to Jesus helps me stay focused.

I can also talk to God by bringing some canned food in to the church for distribution by DESC. I can also talk to God by picking up litter I see on the road that was dropped or blew out of the back of a vehicle. Talking to God can also be calling my German exchange brother in Germany asking him if he is staying healthy. Speaking with God can also be listening to someone talk about how they are doing.

God gives us so many different ways to communicate, but it doesn’t have to be in our sanctuary. I don’t think it even has to be when “…two or three are gathered together in my name…” that we can talk with him.

Prayer:  Oh Lord, help me to speak to you everyday in as many ways as possible.  Amen.

Written by Dave Tuttle

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