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Where Have You Seen Matthew 25? Ep 14

Josh Bryan, Riverside’s Stewardship Chair, along with Jan Nicholas , RPC’s outreach coordinator, and Pastor Brian Lays visited DESC where they observed the ministry of Matthew 25 in action. 

Where Have You Seen Matthew 25? Ep 13

Jeanne Miller Clark, a Riverside member and the chaplain at MD Anderson Cancer Center, shared this photo of her neighbor who helped his elderly neighbor by removing this huge load of bamboo that was overgrowing her yard. 

Where Have You Seen Matthew 25? Ep 12

Julie Handley, a DESC Board member and RPC member, shared the story of how DESC (Downtown Ecumenical Services Council) changes a life…one pair of work boots at a time!! Bernard had been out of work for two months. He applied to a landscaping company, but a new pair of boots was required if he was going to be…

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