April 20, 2020

Recently I listened to a podcast conversation between a father and son.  Their names may be familiar to some of you.  The father is Presbyterian pastor, Dr. Jody Welker.  The son is Joe Welker, a student at Harvard Divinity School.  The podcast is Joe’s project.  He had invited his dad to share in a conversation about Holy Week.  I encourage you to google the site. 

Toward the end of the podcast the conversation centered on Easter.  Joe said, “what’s sticking to my ribs right now is…” and the conversation became a fascinating engagement of Christ’s resurrection.  It stuck to my ribs!  What is sticking to your ribs following Easter?  About Easter?  About Christ’s resurrection?

Of particular interest to this father and son was the demonstrated recurrence of resurrection in the text.  Jesus was resurrected beginning the wave of changed experience, perception, life understanding.  Jesus showed resurrection to Mary in the garden.  Mary was resurrected from fear and the dying of her spirit because of the loss of her dear friend.  The disciples were resurrected from fear and the death of their spirits when Christ entered the room where they were hiding and spoke, “Peace.”  The Spirit of Peace and Resurrection began to seize the lives of others who encountered the Risen Christ.  We remember the resurrection experience of the two men on the road to Emmaus.  Their hearts were burning as their spirits were resurrected. 

Father and son began to explore the ways resurrection occurs among us in these days.  They spoke of a cancer diagnosis in their family.  Remembering a friend bringing cups of coffee to the hospital, they agreed that was a resurrection moment—a neighbor bringing love, presence, life into a deathly moment…the image of the cup of cold water to a thirsty soul…

In their conversation I began to hear your voices as I have talked to you by phone in these days.  “How can I help?”  “I will deliver those meals.” “I am delivering banana bread to my neighbors.” “Let me help call and check on our church member.”  Resurrection.  Resurrection brought into our lives by those who reach out to us.  Resurrection spoken through the phone, email, text. 

Resurrection is not a static moment held tightly by history thousands of years ago.  Resurrection is an action word changing lives of fear and death of spirit to hope supported and surrounded by love.

What’s sticking to your ribs in these post Easter days? 

Join with me in prayer: Gracious and Loving God, resurrect our tired, worn out spirits.  Bring life to our aching souls.  Bring love to our hearts.  Resurrect us to your life for us in these weary days.  Help us be agents of your resurrection power loose among us.  Amen.

Written by Rev. Carol DiGiusto

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