April 18, 2020

As a child, my favorite time of the week was Friday after school. At that time I had Friday evening and night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday (minus church) to do whatever I wanted. I liked choice and being able to pick whatever I wanted to do.

This social distancing has given me back that choice of picking what I want to do. I find one of my biggest challenges now is trying to distinguish one day from the next.  Virtually every day is Saturday and I can’t tell them apart. One difference between choices I made as a child and now is that I have more responsibility today. Another difference now is that I find I view life as a much more precious commodity.

Earlier this week I called a good friend I made when I was an exchange student living in Germany when I was a teenager. I haven’t talked with him in over a year and haven’t seen him for ten years. Talking with my friend, Paul, helped me remember so many good times we had together as teens. Paul’s wife is a Headmaster and both are now working from home. Her school has gone virtual too. These challenges we face are being duplicated around the world. We aren’t alone.

I hope you all are able to reflect, also, on good times you have had while we are having this unique period of separateness.  

Prayer:  May these circumstances we find ourselves in remind us of the good experiences we have had. Help us to maintain those experiences we have had and find the time to reach out to others who are also segregated one from another.

Written by Dave Tuttle

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