May 25, 2020

There are some days when I’m just so over computer screens, so tired of zoom meetings and emails instead of face-to-face conversations.

I realize that for some who are feeling very isolated, this technology is a lifeline. Indeed, I don’t want to imagine not having this tool to stay connected and carry on work and school. Just the same, I get sick of it.

One day last week I had several (seemed like 200) hours of zoom meetings and had another one immediately ahead on my schedule. I was  tired of screen time and hungry for food and brainless decompression. The upcoming meeting was not required of me, only requested that I participate. Here’s a confession: I just skipped it. I had reached my limit of unbroken zooming. Just skipped it. Went to get something to eat.

I’m not really confessing this, I suppose, because I don’t feel guilty about it. Actually, I feel good about acting with a little self-care, which is not always easy for “caregivers” to do. It wasn’t easy for Jesus either, but he managed to do it. He got up while it was still dark to be alone and pray (Mark 1:35). Even when crowds were looking for him and the world needed saving, he would repeatedly withdraw. Sometimes he’d take his friends with him, sometimes he’d just go be alone.

For some, this distancing time has been a welcome opportunity to slow down. It hasn’t been too hard, just inconvenient. For many, it has been exhausting, stressful and full of loss. Especially for those “high-functioners”, times of continuous high demand (i.e. parenting) take a toll. God wants us to practice self-care. The Great Commandment includes “…as we love ourselves.” The more centered we are (instead of externally driven), the more we can hear Jesus’ invitation: “Come to me, those of you who are weary and heavily burdened…I will give you rest”

Writtten by Rev Bill Hoff

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