May 8, 2020

Consider, one of the positive benefits coming from Safe at Home is that for my age group, retirees, etc.,  the  pace of life has slowed. Suddenly the quality of serenity has started to appear in our household. This has raised the question, is an untended benefit of the Holy Spirit that we should be re-examining our lives and seeking new things to  do. When going to the grocery store is the highlight of one’s week, I think surely we can do better than that.

So what am I doing? I read one of Fred Buechner’s sermons at breakfast time on our porch while looking at nature. We have gone through our library, discarded the books of no further interest for the library sale, taken an inventory of our vintage LP’s, reviewed our lives by going through and culling the slides of our past lives, worked on our family tree, done some yard work to ease the load on our faithful yard guy, doing an immense amount  of reading (things I have not read and things I have read but forgotten). Plus learning more about my wife’s religious beliefs. (Stupid me, I always thought she believed exactly what I believe.  We have been together for only 64 years)

So I am pushing myself to make very good use of this time and recognize that this is the Holy Spirit’s gift to those of us who have not been infected.  Praise God!

Written by Carl Zacheis

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