May 2, 2020

“Be still and know that I am God” -Psalm 46:10

Breathe. Amidst this unknown time, it is important to remember to breathe and be still.  Take a moment to look away from the news and to stop thinking about all that we have lost during this time. Some have lost events that they looked forward to for years and others have lost travel opportunities. Some have lost their jobs and others have lost loved ones. Food banks are low in supply and many organizations have been unable to encourage volunteers. Yet, during this time, some have united to donate funds to incredible healthcare workers, to local businesses, and to feeding the hungry. Children have written letters to those in nursing homes and discovered ways to make online learning fun. The bike shop was overwhelmed with customers, and all across the nation, people have begun to enjoy the glorious outdoors. People are adapting and learning to enjoy the slower pace. So, despite all of the sadness, unknown, and distance, be still.  Focus on your blessings and know that God is there. Treat every day like Thanksgiving and list what you are grateful for. Facetime your loved ones and friends.  Get creative and curate a themed meal!  Be still.  Know that this will pass. Look forward to big hugs, eating in restaurants, and returning to a sense of normalcy. But, rest and know that God is there, watching over us. Breathe.

Written by 12th Grader, Charlotte Rosenberg

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