April 29, 2020

The Power of Prayer

I am so grateful to God for giving me the gift of Prayer as a means of navigating through life’s daily challenges and routines, especially in this pandemic world we are all currently living in. I recently read a quote from Mohandas K. Gandhi, “A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes”. This reminded me of how my attitude is impacted by how I am thinking about what is going on in my life. This enlightened me about how my daily prayers, conversations with God if you will, help me stay focused on and connected to what is truly important. As I suspect most of us do, I have a very rigorous and structured, though spontaneous ritual of prayer. As I talk to God, my Daddy, Jesus, and all those listening, I bring Heaven down to Earth; and conversely my prayers take me on virtual visits to Heaven. 

I have many named specific prayers that come to me randomly, or daily, as the need and circumstance dictates. One of them that I call my “Paulie Prayer” – is essentially my daily go-to prayer: “prayers for all my family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, neighbors, care givers, those in need, hurting, sick or alone, Lord be with them this day”.   

A wonderful piece of scripture, which gives us license to pray about everything, is Philippians 4:4: “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice in the Lord. Let all men know your forbearance, the Lord is at hand. Have anxiety about nothing, but in everything with prayer, supplication and thanksgiving, make your requests be known to God; for the peace of the Lord surpasses all understanding, and shall keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, forever. 

This is the word of the Lord, Thanks be to God.

Written by Paul Bessent Mahoney

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