April 4, 2020


And just like that everything changed. 

I’ve always been fascinated with a twitch of a nose or a click of the heels producing instant dramatic change. I loved to watch Tinker Bell turn the tv from black and white to color with the tap of a wand. It was great fun to see what was coming next out of Mary Poppins’ bag!

I thought of myself as one who embraces change- you know that whole mindset thing. I read books about that and  I know that people are actually wired to seek change. I was very flexible I told myself. At least that’s what I thought. But in the past few weeks, the changes to our lives are a bit overwhelming as they swirl around us daily. It feels unsettling like the ground is moving under my feet. It seems like I’ve adjusted to the new normal and then that changes and becomes a shifting shadow. So I reach out my arms to try to keep my balance and I find myself reaching out to God. 

I know God is not changing and He can be my sure footing. I take great comfort in scriptures that reflect that like Malachi 3:16 “I the Lord do not change” and James 1:17 “ Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows”. What wonderful promises God gives us and just what I need to focus on today. 

O Lord, Thank you for giving us Your word and Your promises. Help us to turn and rely on You as You pour out Your love to us knowing that will never change. Help us to minister to others with this Good News. Please be with us and protect us and our families. 
In Jesus’ name, Amen

Written by Dale Child

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