March 31, 2020

It’s here,
in the morning,
on our side deck,
that I am reconnecting with my God.

I get away from the news for a while;
I get away from my thoughts for a while;
I get away from the preparation for days of isolation for a while.

The cardinal sings his beautiful song and I see him fly from tree to tree.
The mockingbird sings every bird’s song…
the crow fills in the quiet in between.

Leaves drop from the camphor tree above me.
Sometimes hitting me lightly on the shoulder,
sometimes making a sound as they hit the varnished shining wood.

Ripe peaches call to me for picking from across the fence. Blossoms shine bright white on the pear tree.
I notice the pecan tree, the last to leaf out, has started it’s spring job…
the leaves bright green in the sun.

Poem by Kathy Lopez

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