March 21, 2020

O Lord…

We come before you now with heavy hearts full of so many emotions. We grieve the amount of people who are sick and the families who have lost loved ones. We feel powerless to help expand our hospitals to meet this crisis. We feel turmoil with the daily changes that the news brings. We feel sad for the people who are losing their jobs. We’re afraid of what might happen to us or our families. Help us, O Lord, to mentally place these burdens in a basket and lift them up to you. Help us to give them to you and trust that You will provide, You will prevail and You will be with us. How we long for You to replace these burdens with Hope and Comfort and Love. Thank You for promising You will always be with us even to the ends of the earth. We boldly claim that promise today. Help us to walk in that Light today. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Written by Dale Child

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