Where Have You Seen Matthew 25? Ep 12

Julie Handley, a DESC Board member and RPC member, shared the story of how DESC (Downtown Ecumenical Services Council) changes a life…one pair of work boots at a time!! Bernard had been out of work for two months. He applied to a landscaping company, but a new pair of boots was required if he was going to beContinue reading “Where Have You Seen Matthew 25? Ep 12”

Where Have You Seen Matthew 25? Ep 10

I was standing at the shore of the Volta Lake in Ghana, still shivering from malaria, but needing to get into a wooden outboard ferry. Just offshore, that would take Mary and me the thirteen miles across the lake to our next hosts as she negotiated partnerships between American Presbyterians and two Ghana Presbyterian denominationsContinue reading “Where Have You Seen Matthew 25? Ep 10”

Where Have You See Matthew 25? Ep 9

“As I was driving back from the store this morning, I saw a mother and her daughter cleaning up litter alongside the road in their neighborhood. I found it wonderful to see a parent modeling such good work with her child.” – Dave TuttleHave a story to share? We invite you to share where you have seen MatthewContinue reading “Where Have You See Matthew 25? Ep 9”